VOLUME II (1993-1995)
Can A Man Be Saved By A Tract Alone?

For one to answer This question we need to hear what the Bible has to say about the subject. It is not enough to hear what man has to say, myself included. We have listened to what man has to say so long That We Have traditions and philosophies of men That we are following Instead of God's word. Such Warned us of Paul in Col. 2: 8 . "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ"   May we disregard what man says and turn to the Bible for our answer. The word "tract" is not used in the Bible but it has some things to say about the matter. 

     First, what we need to realize is That no one will be saved Until They have some understanding About sin, righteousness, and judgment. John 16: 8-11 tells us this is the Holy Ghost's job to reprove (convict convinces and) a person of all three: sin, righteousness, and judgment. Jesus made it very clear in the parable of the sower in Matt. 13: 19-23 Necessary That understanding was to be saved. Those on the good ground are the only ones Who Had understanding And Also the only ones saved. From this we close up commercial That a person has to receive enough information (Word) for the Holy Ghost to use to Convince and convict man of sin, righteousness, and judgment. Can a three or four page tract to give this much information Someone who has never been to church nor Heard the Word of God Preached? I think not.

     Next, the Bible says in I Cor. 1:21, "For That after in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom Knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them That believe."  God chose human instrumentality to be used in His salvation plan. Said Paul in Rom. 10: 13-15a, .? "For whosoever Shall call upon the name of the Lord Shall Be Saved How Then Shall They call on him in Whom They Have not how Believed And They Shall believe in him of Whom They Have not Heard and? They Shall how hear without a preacher? And how Shall They preach, except They be sent? "  Jesus on the way to the garden of Gethsemane prayed in John 17:20 for all those Which Shall Believe on Him through their word . I emphasizes their word Because Jesus is Referring to the apostles, human instruments Necessary for one to be saved. Paul verifies este I Cor. 3: 5, "Then Who is Paul, and Who is Apollos, but by Whom ye Believed Ministers, even as the Lord gave to every man?"   Note: the Lord Gives Ministers to every one WHO Believes - human instruments.

     A good example is found in Acts 8: 26-39 Where the eunuch got saved. The eunuch was reading from Isaiah 53, the best a man tract Could have (the Word of God), but When Asked By Philip, "understandeth what thou readest thou?"   He replied, "How can I except some man Should guide me? "   If a tract is all that is Necessary for a man to be saved, why did the Lord tell Philip to leave the revival in progress in Samaria and go out into a desert place to meet one man? I will tell you why! A human instrument was Necessary for the eunuch to be saved And Also for you to be saved as well.

     I am not saying God can not use a tract to plant and water but I am saying, based on God's Word, That a human instrument must cross an Individual's path for them to be saved. Also, I am not saying That the human instrument must be present When one is saved, but They must cross Their path and preach to them just as Jesus did in Acts 8:35 Philip. This can be one on one or from the pulpit in a public assembly.

     Therefore I close up commercial That a man can not be saved by a tract alone. In fact, MOST tracts are designed to lead the reader in some Mental prayer and to give assent to the facts Presented. This type of tract will lead a man to make a "profession" thus becoming a "tare" Because a tract alone will not lead a man to repentance and faith Toward God Toward the Lord Jesus Christ, without Which no man will be saved.

     Brethren, it is time we "contend for the faith" (Jude 3) and "persuade men" (II Cor. 5:11) With truth and not tradition. My intention in writing this article is not to hurt anyone but to help the blinded see truth. I would like your comments on this subject. If anyone can show me from the Word of God (not what man says) where I am wrong I will apologize and print a correction in the next Persuader .

     If this article Makes you mad, you just ought to check out Might Where You really are spiritually. You May be in the group acerca our Lord spoke in Matt. 7:22, "Many will say to me in That day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? And in thy name cast out many devils Have? And in thy name done many wonderful works?"   If this be the Then case you will hear Him say as I did in Mat. 7:23, "I never knew you: depart from me, ye that Work iniquity."   The Pharisees got mad When Jesus Attacked Their tradition. You are not my enemy but Satan is, the one who is the master deceiver as I eat as an angel of light. (Eph 6:12;. II Cor 11:14.).

     If only one person can come out of error into truth, out of darkness into light as a result of this article Then it will be worth all the ridicule and persecution I receive. Let me say esto a close up commercial. I do not expect this article to change your mind This Issue Concerning any more than I expect to tract to get someone saved, but It could be a "seed" that will cause someone to seek truth and if one seeks truth, the Lord will send a human instrument across your path. Then the Holy Ghost will take their word based on the Word of God and you will be convinced of truth.

     Can a man be saved by a tract alone? To this question based on the Word of God I Would Have to say NO !!!

THE PERSUADER - Aug.-Sept, 1994.



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